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Transparency & Data

No more surprises: complete transparency on all transports

TradeLink is the first platform that also optimizes the process for delivery reconciliation for suppliers and carriers. Through this collaborative approach, we achieve unprecedented completeness of all relevant delivery data, giving you the optimal overview of all upcoming shipments.
Save process costs in the inbound

Increase the plannability and utilization of your logistics

Especially in economically uncertain times, cost optimization is essential. With TradeLink you automate processes in inbound, outbound & admin and achieve a better utilization of your valuable staff. At the same time, you reduce the turnaround times of incoming transports, which reduces demurrage and ensures security of supply at the site through happy forwarders.
Less overtime & waiting time

Higher satisfaction among employees, suppliers and carriers

Often frustrating processes make it increasingly difficult to find qualified logistics personnel. With TradeLink, you automate all manual processes, allowing your employees to work on meaningful tasks. At the same time, better scheduling means that surprise overtime can be avoided. Likewise, your delivery partners are happy because in TradeLink they can efficiently collaborate with you on all deliveries.

Over 400 suppliers and forwarders successfully coordinated in inbound :

SportScheck & Fiege - The success story

Measurable success for your logistics

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Employees and suppliers love TradeLink
"Before we started working with our customer SportScheck on TradeLink, it was a huge manual effort to coordinate the more than 400 suppliers together. Since we've been working on TradeLink, it's been a huge relief, especially for our employees."
Daniel judge
Department Manager inbound - Fiege Logistik
Oliver Kurzweil SportScheck
"With TradeLink, we have finally created transparency in the delivery process for all parties involved. Internally, purchasing and sales benefit, externally our 3PL Fiege as well as our suppliers."
Oliver Kurzweil
Team Leader Logistics Management - SportScheck
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"Through TradeLink, we not only offer our customers professional digital access, but at the same time significantly increase our operational efficiency because emails are eliminated and every delivery has clean digital documentation. Across all locations, this saves us hours per day."
Franz Alt
Managing Partner - fineCom Logistics
"Shortly after the introduction at the first location, our suppliers already wanted us to quickly introduce TradeLink at all other locations as well. It's simply a win-win for everyone. TradeLink is therefore now going live as standard at all sites."
Patrick Spiegel
Project Manager Logistics - Denner
Patrick Spiegel from DennerLearn more
"We've shown TradeLink to our suppliers and they've responded very positively because the tool is wonderfully simple - especially compared to some other platforms on the market."
Hans-Walter Trepper
Head of Logistics & Materials Management - Anton Debatin GmbH
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