Simple delivery coordination for your production site

Control your flow of goods in real time and ensure smooth customer processes and a secure supply. All without a complex IT project.

Time slot management 2.0
Dock & Yard Management
Reporting & analyses

From capacity planning to goods handover: all information on one platform

Easily track every step of the delivery process - from capacity planning, transport notification and change communication to yard management and documentation of the goods handover. Finally, all process steps are clearly mapped on one platform, both for you and for your suppliers and carriers.

Planability in everyday life for reliable supply and the best customer experience

With notification rates of more than 90%, you can harmonize the planning of quantities and capacities at your production sites. Follow-up processes in production and distribution can thus be reliably controlled.

Good cooperation with internal departments and external supply partners

With a shared view of the delivery information, you can plan capacities better and resolve clarification cases quickly and easily. This reduces stress and overtime for your staff.

Minimal operating costs for maximum efficiency

Achieve cost savings of up to 25% with automated, centralized communication and automated yard processes. Thanks to real-time evaluations, you and your supply partners always have an overview of the collaboration.
Teamwork in the Sites
Optimize delivery coordination
Free of charge & without obligation
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Employees and suppliers love TradeLink
"Shortly after the introduction at the first location, our suppliers already wanted us to quickly introduce TradeLink at all other locations as well. It's simply a win-win for everyone. TradeLink is therefore now going live as standard at all sites."
Patrick Spiegel
Project Manager Logistics - Denner
Patrick Spiegel from Denner
"The simplicity of the tool speaks for itself and is the reason for our success."
Andreas Schaffler
Logistics Manager - Distelhäuser Brewery
Portrait photo of man in suit in front of neutral background
Oliver Kurzweil SportScheck
"With TradeLink, we have finally created transparency in the delivery process for all parties involved. Internally, purchasing and sales benefit, externally our 3PL Fiege as well as our suppliers."
Oliver Kurzweil
Team Leader Logistics Management - SportScheck
"We've shown TradeLink to our suppliers and they've responded very positively because the tool is wonderfully simple - especially compared to some other platforms on the market."
Hans-Walter Trepper
Head of Logistics & Materials Management - Anton Debatin GmbH
Trepper Debatin
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"I have been amazed with how positively and enthusiastically my suppliers have embraced TradeLink."
David Vesper
Manager order and goods planning - JBS GmbH
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