A simple solution for all processes

With TradeLink, working with individual Excel files, telephone and emails is a thing of the past.

What our customers say

"Through TradeLink, we not only offer our customers professional digital access, but at the same time significantly increase our operational efficiency because emails are eliminated and every delivery has clean digital documentation. Across all locations, this saves us hours per day."
Franz Alt
Managing Partner - FineCom
"The simplicity of the tool speaks for itself and is the reason for our success."
Andreas Schaffler
Head of Logsitik - Distelhäuser Brewery
"We constantly have to deal with ambiguities in logistics, which leads to expensive personal planning, buffer stocks and stress. This is frustrating and expensive for everyone involved. TradeLink is already helping us to significantly reduce our overall warehouse operation and communication costs by connecting us with our customers and their suppliers across all scheduled deliveries."
Steven Kabisch
Key Account Manager - Meyer & Meyer Holding SE & Co KG
"I have been very taken with how positively and enthusiastically my suppliers have embraced TradeLink."
David Vesper
Head of order and goods planning - JBS GmbH

Reach your goal faster with TradeLink

Cost savings in incoming and outgoing warehouese processes
Fewer demurrages & incorrect charges
Higher storage capacity and reduction in current assets
Transparency about the performance of suppliers & service providers
Why TradeLink?

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You're curious? During a personal demo, Steffen Liermann will guide you through TradeLink and directly answer your open questions. Take advantage of this opportunity to sustainably optimize your logistics and take the first step towards seamless supply chain cooperation.

Steffen Liermann, Account Executive
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