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Full control with digital load carrier management

  • Save costs through unnecessary shrinkage  
  • Reduce manual effort thanks to a digital solution
  • Put an end to stressful discussions with delivery partners
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All containers and loading equipment in view at all times

No more manual Excel pallet accounts. Whether pallets, pallet cages or individual load carriers. TradeLink gives you full control over the inventory of your load carriers. This reduces costs for new purchases and avoids stressful discussions with delivery partners. Everything is digitally documented - and fully integrated with TradeLink's Time slot management software.

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Your benefits with integrated load carrier management

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Increase traceability, avoid shrinkage

‍Load carriers
are booked directly at the ramp and delivery partners are automatically informed of the current balance. This reduces administrative effort. Thanks to the current stock view, you avoid unnecessary new purchases and under- or overstocking.

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Efficient load carrier management in minutes

Our software solution is ready to use immediately and requires no IT effort. TradeLink integrates easily into the daily routine of your employees and delivery partners so that the management of loading equipment can be completed in minutes.

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Everything from a single source

Thanks to TradeLink's solutions, you are no longer dependent on different software providers. Load carrier management is part of TradeLink's solution and therefore seamlessly complements your processes - both internally and externally.

Efficient load carrier management without wastewater treatment

Manual process

With TradeLink

Manual tracking of load carriers and delivery bills
Takes place digitally at the ramp
Sorting of documents and manual entry into Excel / previous system
Automated and seamlessly integrated use
Creation and dispatch of individual Excel lists to inform about the balance status
Automated and seamlessly integrated use
Re-examination of documents in the event of a dispute
Automated and seamlessly integrated use
Manual inventory checking for shrinkage and disputes
Reliably and quickly carried out digitally

Functions for smooth logistics

Transaction overview:

  • Incoming load carriers are digitally documented directly on the ramp or in the office
  • Partners can view relevant empties bookings at any time

Inventory management:

  • Overview of the current stock per load carrier at the location and per delivery partner
  • Support for targeted demand planning (inflows, partner requests, etc.)

Balance per partner: 

  • Real-time updated balance view - easy to filter by load carrier, time period or delivery partner
  • Delivery partners receive an automated monthly e-mail notification about the balance status

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Increase transparency
Save admin resources
Avoid shrinkage and new purchases
60-day money-back guarantee

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