The supply chain revolution: How TradeLink 2024 is redefining digital supply coordination

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The effectiveness of digital delivery coordination with TradeLink 2024

TradeLink has examined delivery volumes in 2023 and published a status report on the state of digitalization and the impact on supply chain stability. This article comments on the key findings of the infographic "Digital Supply Coordination".

Improved planning security

Thanks to digital delivery coordination, precise planning is possible. 95% of all deliveries are announced in advance, leading to a significant reduction in the "no show" rate to below 4%. This precise predictability allows warehouses and delivery partners to manage their resources more efficiently and minimize unforeseen challenges.

Faster response to changes

Delivery changes are communicated six times faster. Around 75% of deliveries are updated before the actual delivery date, and these changes are reliably exchanged between all parties involved. Fast and reliable communication enables agile supply chain decisions and timely action.

Digitization of documents

With 66% of deliveries having digital documents, the administrative effort is reduced. The early availability of complete delivery documents supports better planning of capacities and follow-up processes.

Punctuality and efficiency

Digital coordination also contributes to punctuality: 66% of deliveries reach yard on time at the agreed date time slot , while 98% arrive on the agreed day. This reliability is essential for maintaining smooth operations.


TradeLink represents a milestone in the digital transformation of supply chains. By optimizing planning, communication and document management, the platform makes a significant contribution to increasing efficiency and reliability in logistics. The figures speak for themselves: improved planning reliability, reduced no-show rates, rapid adaptability to changes, punctual deliveries and a significant reduction in administrative work. TradeLink impressively demonstrates how digital solutions can shape the future of logistics.

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