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Have you always wanted to build a product that impacts the lives of millions of people and thousands of businesses? Then TradeLink is the place for you.

Our users are logistics managers, warehouse workers and dispatchers in Europe who manage the global flow of goods. If you love logistics, communication and collaboration, you should join us. Our users will adore you.

How we work

We believe in autonomy, TDD, BDD, and continuous deployments. We build real-time applications with React and Actioncable and have an average of eight years of experience with Ruby on Rails.

We are a distributed team sitting in five countries and 15 locations stretching four time zones. Our daily check-ins are online, as well as our groomings, sprint plannings, reviews, and retros.

We release weekly, make mutual merge requests, and have 400+ integrations and 80+ browser tests running for all our feature branches and review apps.

Our teams

We are building three teams, each with their own processes and talking to their stakeholders. The teams focus on warehouse processes, collaboration and communication, and on-road applications.

We are open to new technologies and ideas. We learn and iterate quickly. Stay hungry, stay foolish!

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