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What our customers say

"We showed TradeLink to our suppliers and they immediately reacted very positively as the tool is wonderfully simple - Especially compared to some other platforms on the market."
Harvey Trepper
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"I have been amazed with how positively and enthusiastically my suppliers have embraced TradeLink."
David Jesper
Head of Order and Distribution Planning - JBS GmbH
"With TradeLink, suppliers can register a delivery with just a few clicks and book a free delivery window. This also applies to outgoing goods, so this tool brings a lot of added value for everyone involved in the supply chain.
Nico Heiland
Site Manager Logistics Centre - LILLYDOO GmbH
"I have never experienced such good cooperation with other providers. There is always a supportive and helpful response. I always get direct help and things are implemented very quickly. Keep it up"
Urs Blaser
Logistics Manager - Denner AG
"The simplicity of the tool speaks for itself and is the reason for our success."
Andreas Schaffler
Head of Logistics - Distelhäuser Brewery
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Find out now how SportScheck and Fiege significantly reduced admin costs at inbound :
Read the case study

Measurable successes for your inbound & your warehouse logistics

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Quality & joint success

TradeLink pays for itself after the first 6 months.
Since TradeLink is free of charge for your suppliers and carriers, we ensure a very high usage of the software.
Through regular use, we ensure the best data quality along your supply chain.

We do not leave you alone

Each company receives its own Roll-Out Manager:in to the side.
Together we ensure the roll-out and later success.
Your Roll-Out Manager:in is available daily as a point of contact for all employees.
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Flexible monthly prices

The monthly amount is calculated on the basis of the transports at your location per week.
Unlimited user licences and notifications by partners - because only software that is used delivers real added value.
The prices adapt flexibly to your current needs.
Calculate your savings
Free of charge & without obligation
Why TradeLink?

TradeLink is by far the most effective & easiest solution on the market.

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